A Rainbow Kind of Day

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful day crabbing with some friends. The running jokes about rainbows started in the morning and just wouldn't stop... It was just a rainbow kind of day!  We were singing the songs, wishing for Rainbow Ponies... And then... It was destiny... When we got to the boat launch there was a man with a rainbow sail on his little dinghy, and you guessed it... a rainbow tie dye shirt. He was definitely dressed for joy, and it was the perfect day for it. That's Mt. Baker you see in the background. Our first real Rainbow Connection of the day!
Camano's Rainbow Sailor
The Rainbow Sailor of Camano.
Those are crabpots on his little boat. The way it works is that you pick up some scrap meat (we bought some chicken legs at the grocery store) and put them in a small cage inside the larger cage that is the crab pot. The crab pot has a hole in the side big enough for the crabs to come in and have a snack. Tied to the top of the crab pot is a long rope, and a sort of bobber, or marker, with your name on it. You boat out a ways and drop off your pots, spread some distance apart, and they sink to the bottom and tempt the crabs with that free lunch. After a period of time, you go back and pull the pots up, measuring and sexing the crabs to see if they are legal to keep. The females, the small ones, and the soft shell crabs do get away with a free lunch... for now. They also get a free flying lesson. Remember kids, there really is no free lunch... But then we saw something truly spectacular. None of us could believe our eyes, but thankfully one of our sailors kept her wits about her and her lens cap off... It was the rare rainbow crab of Puget Sound. We'd heard they existed, but we always scoffed. How could such a thing live in nature? If he really exists, wouldn't more people have seen him? Many say he is merely legend, a tale crabby old fishermen tell, but we know what we saw. There's no denying it. Yes, posting this may lead to mockery, but since when has a true Mossyback feared that? Sasquatch maybe, but mockery? No. We believe.
Rainbow Crab
The rare Rainbow crab of Puget Sound

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