Attention Instagram Users!

Heads up Instagram users! Deadline is January 16. Facebook, as Instagram's new owner, is changing the contract language of the terms of use agreement to make it possible for them to use and sell your Instagram photos without your permission or knowledge. This C-Net article is one of many news articles today about the issue. While some articles poo-poo the whole thing, saying that that's what you get for using a free service so deal with it, others see beyond that simplistic view. I imagine those devil's advocate types would see things quite differently if they read an article plagiarizing their work, and had no recourse. It's never as fun when the shoe is on the other foot. If you believe your photos are your intellectual property and not for random use by strangers for profit, you know how I feel ... but there are also important privacy issues at stake. Many of us upload our photos so that only our friends or contacts see them, and depend on that. (I know I know, nothing on the internet is truly private, yada yada. Remember that next time you're at a party, Prince Harry, k?) But, what if there are pictures of your kids that you posted so Aunt Minnie could see, and you had set the photos to private? Do you really want those sold, with all exif data intact, including any geotagging that you accidentally left on? (Remember, we talked about that... here.) As for me, I'm dumping it. I had fun with it, but I'm tired of monstrous companies monetizing everything. There's never enough profit for these guys. The vast majority of the people on the internet sharing whatever they're sharing are just getting by, or not getting by at all, but are just sharing what they know, what they've built, and how-to's, paying it forward. It's a pretty cool thing. The big conglomerates that are trying to make billions using other people's work, lives, interests? I have no loyalty to those schmucks, and no interest in supporting them when they're this openly greedy. Cheryl