Better Profile Shots

Profile shots are when we're taking someone's picture from the side. I threw off a couple of shots of my son to illustrate a point to improve your profile shots. Ok, in this first one besides the huge light-ball shining off of his nose which we just won't talk about, 😉
The eye focused straight forward.
notice his eyes are pointed straight forward, focused tightly in on the television. Watching music videos, no doubt. So you have this sideways view of kind of a glassy eye-lens, and it's just not really attractive. How do you avoid this? Easy. Ask your victim, um, subject to move his eyes very slightly towards you. Usually it's easiest to just pick something to look at, and tell them to look there rather than trying to explain that they need to choose a point 45 degrees off center from where they are presently gazing. 'Look at the speaker' is much easier. 🙂
Nice easy fix, and no icky big white blob this time!
Notice how much more pleasant this looks? That's the key to better pictures. Small stuff counts. Along with his eyes he turned his face just a little toward me, I focused in a little tighter, and made sure that the background was entirely the glass of the door facing out into the snow, so that he didn't have the glowing ball of the door handle coming out of his nose again. He does have a line under his nose from the screen door, and if I wanted to I could remove that, but it's not excessively distracting for the point of this picture. I shot this on the 'shade' setting, then converted to black and white in Elements by using the Adjustment Layers setting, and desaturating. It was shot at 200mm, f8, ISO 1600 at 1/6 second, handheld, ambient light. I haven't sharpened it, either, which I usually do by using an unsharp mask. Hope you've found this helpful. Have fun, keep shooting! 🙂