Cats Are Easier Than Web Programming

You just take the plastic off the box. That's all you do. Remove the Gatorade label, the cat is happy, life goes on. Unlike web design. I spent I don't know how many hours today restoring the back up of this site.... I finally called tech support, after fiddling and diddling because I'm bullheaded like that. Picture a 3 year old dressing herself. I can do it mySELF! Yeah, well, I did ok. The thing that was entirely holding me back was 5 files in the wrong place, 3 of which had extra extensions from the backup (HEY! Pay ATTENTION! I see your eyes glazing!) so I had to rename them, removing wp-content-_____ and move them. TADA! I have finally learned that calling tech support is not a sin, venal or mortal. So anyway, I'm back shooting again. I was on Lyrica for a couple of years or so, and one of the <insert sarcasm tag here> awesome side effects </sarcasm off> is a loss of balance and shaking hands. I cried, and put the cameras down. It broke my heart. I have no joy in shooting with a tripod. Anyway, I gave up on the drug when I saw a friend using a cane and leaning in the breeze like a drunken sailor... I thought, do I look like that? I don't pretend to be the greatest photographer in the world, and I sure don't have the latest equipment, but that's your advantage because you probably don't either and you just may be tired of being talked down to. Here I am. If you don't know something, ask, email privately if you like and want to be anonymous and I'll do my best to answer you or point you in a good direction. Let's have some fun together, at any rate. That's what art is, right? Now I better get the plastic off the box.
Glowing cat eyes peering into my soul.
Remove plaztik, hooman. I need box time.