HDR tip-Where Do My Exposures Start and End? I’m Lost!

HDR, or High Dynamic Range imaging is a way of being able to portray what your eye actually sees in a scene, rather than the limited view that a camera can handle. Usually using a tripod you take several exposures of the scene that are then combined by software and with some tweaking to add detail to shadows and highlights that wouldn't otherwise be portrayed in a photograph. Problem is, how do you know where your starting exposure and ending exposure are quickly and easily when you get your images downloaded at home? If you're like me, you take a ton of pictures of one particular scene at various apertures, etc. In order to tell what's what you don't necessarily want to have to check the EXIF data for the aperture of every picture in order to see which ones go together to be merged. Unless you're an overachiever, then have at it. I'd rather clean stalls. Long story short, get your hand in front of the camera when you start your series of exposures. Put your left hand in front of the camera before the start, put your right in your line of view when you're done. Easy peasy. Like this:
Start your HDR series here!
Point to the right to start ...
I picked up this tip from one of the photography books I'm always scouring, and it solved the whole problem, quick and easy! The book was The New Complete Guide to Night and Low Light Photography by Lee Frost. The link will take you straight to where Amazon sells it if you want to pick up a copy. 🙂 Have fun, keep shooting! Cheryl