Losing Limbs

Ok, we all have family pictures like this:
Loving Footless Couple
Try not to do this to your family any more. It happens, we get kind of nervous, or we're laughing and have to take the picture quickly before the bus leaves, but try to double check for feet in the viewfinder. Heads too. Many of our old family pictures have fingers in them, or are headless. Now that many cameras have LCD viewfinders we're more likely to notice when we've included our fingers and cut off friend's heads, but sometimes it still happens, especially with cameras that have separate viewfinders. Ok, so what if you've made a choice to not include the feet? They're ugly, the shoes were bad, whatever? Try to remember to crop the picture so that you don't cut off the limbs at the joints. You never want to crop a picture at the ankles or at the knee. Mid calf is a little disturbing as far as I'm concerned, though some people are ok with it. A 3/4 length pose with the picture cropped at mid thigh is not bad, and actually you're going to get a better picture of your friend's faces that way. If you choose to crop higher than mid-thigh, watch where you're chopping to be sure you're not cutting off someone's hand at the wrist or elbow, either. Cutting people off at the crotch is a little disturbing, also. Here's a cropped version of our happy couple:
A Nice 3/4 Crop
Try not to make the mistake in camera, but if you do, cropping the picture after the fact is easily done. You can tighten up your composition and really cut out extraneous details. For instance, the driftwood behind their legs just kind of cuts the picture in half. Cropping the shot takes away the distraction. Just make sure that everything you want is in the picture in the first place. So, no amputations!

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