Ok, headsup! The right white balance for shooting at the moon would be daylight, since it reflects the sun. If you want, you can fiddle a little with the temperature in camera raw to get it just how you like it. Remember, right and art don't always belong in the same paragraph, much less sentence! 🙂 Here's a shot I took of the supermoon tonight. I went ISO 1250, which seemed to do better than wide open at 3500. Then I took several exposures until I got what I wanted (some detail in the moon), just kept twisting the dial. The moon is so bright and the night so dark that it's tricky. It's the perfect setting for HDR, but the moon was moving very quickly through the branches, so I didn't get it right tonight. 🙂 I ended up at 1/1000 @F5.6 to get detail of the moon with a silhouette of tree branches across it.
Mar 19, 2011 Supermoon
March 19, 2011 Supermoon
Have fun, keep shooting!