Newest isn’t always best

Recently I talked to a young lady taking a photography course and all I kept hearing was how lousy the camera was, how it didn't do this, it didn't do that and she just couldn't do what she wanted and on and on. All this while never taking her camera off of the auto setting.  It's true, it wasn't the newest dSLR. It wasn't the high-end model. It also wasn't a Sony Mavica circa 1994 with a floppy drive. Even a dinosaur camera is better than no camera at all! After all, you could have a pencil and your memory, right?Even dinosaur cameras are better than non at all! Stop and think, be patient and figure out how to get what you want instead of throwing a floppy tantrum and quitting. The work-around you come up with yourself will teach you far more about photography than taking for granted that the camera should do it all, or that you can fix anything and everything in post processing rather than creating a strong image in camera. Don't have a grey card? Use your hand! Using that little jpeg only camera is going to teach you to remember to check your settings for every shot, and get your white balance setting right the first time, isn't it? 😉 That's right. Many of the guys who are truly brilliant photographers didn't start out with the newest equipment, they made do, and while they were making do they figured out alternative ways to do what they envisioned exactly because they didn't have perfect conditions and cool equipment. Or they simply had to make do because you can only pack so much stuff and there are always variables you can't control when you leave a studio environment. They invented new ways of doing things because they had to stop and think and really use their own creatiivity.Which first requires using that scary 'M' on your camera setting dial. I've also noticed that the truly top professional photographers are kind to their models, clients, and always give due credit to their service providers as well as their teachers, because none of us exist in a vacuum. That's something to keep in mind. What goes around comes around. Be kind even to the thankless.  🙂 Now get out there and shoot something. With a camera. 😉Cheryl

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  1. I enjoyed what you have to say about equipment and find it very helpful. Although I have had to be creative more than once, every now and again, I find myself blaming the shortcomings of my equipment instead of seeing just where the shortcomings really are. Thank you ever so much for sharing your wisdom.

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