ok, yeah, I’m a whiny baby.

So yeah, I let the auto-immune junk and working for a living take over my life and let you all wander freely without me pestering you about the quality of photos. Honestly? I also got a little discouraged because the only people giving me replies were people who were apparently very concerned about the size of my, um, boy stuff. Except I don't have boy stuff of my own.... and I'm certainly not going to suggest to my husband that he try vi@gra from a special online discount retailer. 😉 So where would you like me to go next? Anywhere? Shall I just forget about useful advice and turn this into my own little rant about the directionality of light or my aching knees? Shall I showcase my own work, and perhaps promote business? If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute about photography, feel free to contact me, and we'll see what you have to say and throw it on out there. So let me ask this: Do you ever just get discouraged about your work? Think you can never measure up, but you're a little nervous to ask for help because you really don't know what you need? Really, we all deal with that some. After all, there's nothing like creative works to really reveal your soul. Your work is part of you, it's not some hourly 'thing' you do for your boss. We all live with a little fear that we don't quite measure up, and sometimes I think the better an individual is, the more aware they are of their limitations and need to improve. Or perhaps overly aware, to the point of paralysis. What it all comes down to is this: We all can improve. BUT that doesn't necessarily make what you're doing now bad. Many truly astounding artists trashed more work than they ever showed... And I think there's a couple of messages in that. #1 Learn to toss stuff. #2 Don't be so hard on yourself that you toss everything. Come on, Da Vinci produced very few actual works in his lifetime. He set the bar so high that he threw away things we probably would drool over today. Do we do the same? I'm not saying that we should lower our expectations too much (or daring to compare anyone to Da Vinci), but many of us have a lot of work hiding on CDs that have never seen the light of day because we're too critical and we never do anything with it. Do something with it! Let it out! Share your vision... What you don't think much of may blow someone else's mind.