Picasa-A Great Free Tool

If you have Windows it probably came bundled with a couple of basic programs to edit your pictures. You may also have some pretty nice tools in the software that came with your camera, but if you want to go beyond those there is a really nice tool owned by Google called Picasa. You can use it to organize and edit your photos, do some artistic effects including black and white or sepia conversion and custom tinting, it has facial recognition to help you find pictures of various individuals automatically, and easily helps you resize your files for uploading to the web, or to your free 1 gig online album at Google so you can share your pictures with friends and family. It helps you easily email pictures, too. You can even make a nice collage of pictures for your desktop. One thing you'll find with your digital camera is that you take a lot more pictures than you used to, and you're going to want to organize them so you can find them again easily. Picasa is a nice choice to make that possible.