Sexy, Grumpy, Feminine, or Masculine?

So I belong to a photography group on Facebook, and a lot of boudoir shots are posted there. Basically mostly nekkid ladies. Being a woman, I look at faces, rather than just the interplay of light and shadow on curves, so to speak. 😉 If any of you are going to do boudoir... please learn to pay attention to facial expressions. Yeah. That's that thing that happens *above* the shoulders. So many young ladies are trying for sexy and just end up looking grumpy. Or constipated. Or just plain uncomfortable. Soft lighting is not enough, you have to make your model comfortable, and really know how to read expressions, or you'll end up with a model that looks like you just offered her a dead mouse on a plate and she's trying to stay polite. If you are not going to take the time to be aware of what your model is feeling or portraying, stick to landscapes. It's very worth your while as a photographer to spend time learning body language as well as flattering posing. Weight on the leg closest to you means that hip is going to look huge, as we have discussed before. Crossed arms is a closed off-putting pose, for the most part, especially on a female. Shoulders square to the camera is masculine, but also somewhat confrontational. Your model may have an inviting smile, but the crossed arms subliminally say 'Not Open For Business.' If you were to turn her a little diagonal to the camera and have her bend her elbow, placing her hand on her hip, perhaps, it would be an open position, inviting. A whole different impression, one that most people couldn't put a finger on, but someone who does portraiture should know this stuff. A dropped shoulder toward the camera is feminine, so if you have a man that wants to look masculine, you better not pose him with a dropped shoulder or head flung back and his leg bent at the knee like he's being kissed a la 1940s movie style. And yes, I've seen it done in an engagement shoot. And for heavens sake when you take pictures of people don't have them sitting in a chair with the camera pointing straight at them and their legs apart. Just not good. It's called the toilet seat pose. Just a couple of thoughts.