So Where Have You Been?

Yup. The site has just sat here gathering dust for months. Why? I'm lazy. No, seriously... I decided I needed to get out there and do some stuff rather than just sharing my opinions on how it's done, and I've really enjoyed my time away from the monitor. I even went to the extent of shutting off internet access at home, which puts a cramp in my style, but when you're paying $4.25 a gallon for gas, something has to give.... So now I access the net at the library. It's kind of nice. Librarians are awesome people, and deserve huge chops for the job they do. We've all had an influential teacher or other mentor in our lives, but in my life there were librarians. They suggested books, authors, movies, provided community outreach services, computer help for older citizens, help suggest research topics for kids... Now, I'm of the "SHHHHH" generation of public library users. Echoing cold stacks. Card catalogs. Putting books down carefully on a heavy oak table, trying to pull out the oak chair quiiiiietly, and freezing at a glare from the dragon lady when the chairlegs scraped.... Then trying not to sniffle at the dusty paper smell of old reference books that cracked and creaked when you opened them, because the sniffles echoed too. Furtive spurting giggles stifled quickly at the sound of clicking pumps headed your way. "Is there anything I can help you young ladies with today?" Translation: Be quiet or get out! Thankfully our school library wasn't that way. It was bright and airy, bright colors and carpeting and big cushy chairs you could fall asleep in during lunchtime. Still quiet, but it bustled, like our library today. High school kids at laptops and ipads softly talking and comparing data, referring back to good old fashioned spiral notebooks, Laughter and chatting from our new *man* head librarian and users of all ages visiting right out loud. It's a fun place with quiet corners where you can still work and research. It's a friendly small town gathering place, and the warm heart of our community. We exchange recipes, references, anecdotes, and pieces of our lives. We've grown up here, and so have our kids. The school kids walk over across town in supervised groups, the preschoolers come in with their mommies and tumble toward the picture books, then chapter books... LOL Then the Foo Fighters CDs.... Yup. I'm the Camera Mom... And I guess this website has been my way of sharing what all those librarians shared with me. I'll be back. I promise. 🙂   Cheryl