Portrait Gallery

How many times have you tried to get the kids to the mall for a pictures only to find that Jimmy has stained his shirt, Bethany won't stop crying and the baby just messed all over everyone? Everyone's frazzled and wrinkled and Just. Not. Happy. Why not take the kids to their favorite park, or even stay home and have a relaxed afternoon playing catch or climbing the jungle gym and get fun photos instead? Need engagement pictures, a family portrait, or wedding coverage? We can put together a package that fills your needs. I specialize in environmental photography, that is, settings that fit your lifestyle. Have a favorite place that means something to you? Why not have your portraits done there? Whether it's the playhouse in your own back yard or your favorite spot on the river, we can do that. Your pictures should be about you, not everyone else's studio shot. Here you'll find some samples of what I can do for you, too.  

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