This is hard!

Wow, I'm a whole 2 weeks in and whining already! Holding down a job, cleaning house, and trying to take purposeful photos every day is real work. Who am I kidding, cleaning house... snort! Ok, I have a couple that I think you may enjoy, so I'll post my daily random now. In the meantime 'The Cuteness' whelped out 8 puppies, so here was her expression the next day as we watched the Seahawks lose miserably: With the new digital SLRs, and even the smaller digitals, you have the ability to boost the ISO and shut the flash off. There's a tradeoff in 'noise' or graininess in the final image, some of which can be fixed in Camera Raw, but it's worth it. Imagine a flash photo of Beulah's face. The flash would have bounced off her retinas causing red eye, and the door ends would have bounced back most of the light, making a really unpleasant picture. Not only that, but if you're taking pictures of very small babies you NEVER want to use a flash. Shut it off. Your camera can compensate, believe me. If you don't think so, then pose the picture near a window or other light source. And remember, have fun!